would fight like fiends and furies, which could intimidate and demoralize the opposition.
While our Gruit is milder, the use of bog myrtle, mugswort, heather and yarrow creates a powerful pomegranate-like tart flavor, and has not yet been known to cause fights to break out!   (Warning: contains substances known to be abortifacient.)

Crusader Gruit: ABV 6.5% IBU: N/A

Prior to the use of hops, traditional British beers used other herbs and spices to preserve the malt beverages, prevent spoilage and flavor the beer.  These plants were all controlled by the Catholic Church and unlike the soporific effect of hops (subsequently supported by the Protestant churches), these plants cause more excitement and aggression. Strong versions of Gruit were used during the Crusades prior to battle. They would engender wild or beserk behavior in the knights who