Private Events at the Brewery

On select dates that are shared with our Bertie Bulldog members, we will open the doors to the brewery for British Bulldog Brewery fans to come up to our facility for tastings and to purchase pints, half pints and fill growlers. As we have limited space, we will not be publishing these dates on our Facebook Page and you must be a member of our Bertie the Bulldog Club for an invitation! Send us your email address to be included.

As we are a small family run brewery we will only be filling our 32oz British Bulldog Brewery growlers, and cannot fill growlers from other breweries or any other types of containers.

Our growlers are priced at $15.00 plus tax for a new full growler, and $8.00 plus tax for a growler refill. Half pints are $2.00 plus tax.