Khyber Pass: ABV 3.0% IBU: 26

were forced back by rebel groups.
In honor of this, we created a Scottish 60/- (shilling) IPA.  Using 100% Cashmere hops to recognize the wonderful area that this region borders, we included heather tips to make the Scotts feel at home.  Finally we engineered this into a low 2.9% ABV session beer so that even with the flavors that stand out in this ale, your watch over the Khyber Pass will never be impaired.

This brew is a fragile link between India and Pakistan near to the Kashmir region.  This part of the world has been in almost constant conflict throughout the last 2,000 years.  The success of the British Empire in this region was secured by the capture and preservation of this small route between the two countries.  The control of this region was gained at great cost by the Royal Gordon Highlanders when so many other troop