A son of a Jewish textile worker and immigrant, J Robert Oppenheimer was a brilliant theoretical physicist who was recruited and led the “army” of scientists involved in the Manhattan Project to develop the nuclear fusion bomb, which was used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and brought WW2 to an end.  Known as “The Father of the Atom Bomb” as well as genius he was tremendously ambitious with an amazing arrogance and was openly extremely left-wing in political views, which irritated the senior officers assigned to the project.

The British Strong Ale is regarded as a brilliant and arrogant ale.  Our version uses 100% British malts combined with tons of Chinook hops to create a strong, but well balanced flavor despite the official IBU calculation. We matched the arrogance and strength of the beer to commemorate Oppenheimer and his Nuclear Device due both to its powerful effects as well as the nature of the man. We would hope he would agree and not go nuclear on us!

Oppenheimer's Neuclear Device: ABV 6.1% IBU: 87.4