Queen Bea commemorates an Iceni warrior queen, who is revered as an icon representing the power and might of the British nation. She lived in and around Norfolk, England in the first century AD, but when her husband died the Romans annexed her lands against their agreement and she was reportedly flogged and her daughters raped. In response, she amassed an army of 100,000 Britons and they marched on London razing everything in their path and the Romans fled before her marauding army. Queen Boudicea came to represent the British spirit in Victorian times and we are blessed to have this strong female role-model as a national hero. We created this ale to be a blond to represent the influence of her Viking heritage and also through the use of a single British hop varietal called, coincidentally, Boudicea; a strong old world hop.

Queen Bea: ABV 4.2% IBU: 30