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The Full Monty

Imperial IPA
ABV 8.2% IBU 84.5

Field Marshall B.L. Montgomery “Monty”: Inspirational leader; Desert Rat, defeated the Desert Fox (Rommel). Commander of British and Canadian troops; presided over Arnhem and Normandy; accepted German surrender. Known for his flair; absolute infallibility; bombastic; exasperating; infuriating; even despised; an exceptional leader who chafed his peers and seniors, but loved and adored by his troops.

This Imperial IPA has been created with both British and American malts to represent the partnership of the Allied commanders during the dark years of World War II.  It is also combines a healthy dose of both American and British hops that combine to create a great aroma and fruity flavor in this big beer.

Tasting Notes: This bombastic Imperial IPA has a smooth malty taste with a citrus aroma, classic British fruity and floral hop taste and a nice bittering aftertaste, beware of it’s infallibility to make it’s mark.