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Red Rye IPA
ABV 5.6% IBU 57.7

We take you back to “The Great War” for this beer.  The color of this red rye IPA could only mean one thing, the Red Baron.  Baron Von Richthofen is probably the most well known fighter pilot ace of all time and had 80 recorded victories, the highest number from that war making him the ace-of-aces.  He was highly recognizable in his red Fokker Dr. 1 tri-plane and much celebrated by Charles Schulz in his Peanuts cartoons with Snoopy cursing him out in his imagined battles.

Tasting Notes: This IPA has plenty of rye in the mash that gives it a good earthy Irish feel to it, but otherwise is based on a completely Germanic malt bill to commemorate the ace after whom this beer is crafted.

Red Baron