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Bearded Bastard

Double IPA
ABV 7.7% IBU 82.5

The 77th Special Forces Group (now the 7th) was the operational unit of the United States Army Special Forces that was reactivated on 10 November 1953 after World War II. Its purpose was to conduct guerrilla operations and train friendly governments' armed forces in South, Central, and North America as well as the Caribbean. It operated with devastating efficiency and was known as the Bearded Bastards.

This unit inspired the creation of this “devastatingly efficient” 7.7% ABV double IPA that will leave its mark on your taste buds!

Tasting Notes: This is a classic double IPA.  It is a deceptively easy drinking ale with up-front Citra® and plenty of juicy hops on the finish.  Find the Bearded Bastard in you!