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Rip Cord

Single IPA
ABV 5.8% IBU 61.2

Georgia “Tiny” Broadwick (b.1893) is credited with the first deployment of a parachute by rip cord in 1914.  She was a fearless Aeronaut touring with the Charles Broadwick’s Aeronautical troupe. Her first jump was from a hot air balloon in 1908.  She was the first person to parachute from a plane in 1912. In 1914, while demonstrating parachutes to the US Army for pilots for their hazard prone fleet, her static line tangled with the tail of the aircraft. Tiny calmly cut away the line, performing the first free fall and used what was left of the line to activate the parachute – this was the first documented use of what was to be called a rip cord. Weighing in at 85lbs she was light yet bold!

Tasting Notes: This light, bold IPA is dedicated to one of our lesser known US heroines.  It is a West Coast Single IPA that punches way above it’s weight, just like Tiny!