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Space Monkey

Almond Brandy Ale
ABV 13% IBU 56.2

Space Monkey celebrates Miss Baker, the first primate to survive a 10,000 miles per hour, 38g roundtrip into space before splashing down near Puerto Rico; then living in comfort at NASA for the rest of her long life. We owe safe space travel to all our brave primate pioneers of the 1950s.

Space Monkey is a collaboration ale with our friends at Almendra Winery & Distillery. We've combined our branding by celebrating the Monkey Face brand and honoring our legendary military expertise, particularly relevant today with the fifth branch of the US military about to be formed, Space Force.

Tasting Notes: This ale (barley wine) reveals all the wonderful flavor and smoothness of Almendra's Almond Brandy while still finishing with a rich ale body and modern hop profile.