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War Plan Orange

Orange Wheat Ale
ABV 4.1% IBU 16.2

War Plan Orange, aka Plan Orange or just Orange, was the strategic joint US Naval and Army forces plan created by Admiral Raymond Rogers originally in 1911 as the response to the threat of war with Japan. Although the plan was revised several times afterwards, by the time Japan actually declared war in 1942, it was too flawed to be strictly followed as it did not recognize the impact of submarines, aircraft support or aircraft carriers and was treated rather lightly.

We decided that this was a great name for our orange wheat beer because of the lightness of the ale combined with the obvious reference to the orange!

Tasting Notes: Other than a small amount of crystal barley, this ale uses 100% white wheat malt and Czechoslovakian Saaz hops. It is infused with a mixture of sweet and bitter orange peal in the boil and lightly spiced with coriander.